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Kalahari Quilts

Kalahari Quilts
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Jenny Healy of Kalahari Quilts

Jenny Healy of Kalahari Quilts – Oregon, USA



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Hi! My name is Jenny Healy.  My love of art quilting had spiraled from home hobby to owning and managing a gift shop showcasing our art quilts and for custom ordering. In 2009 my husband passed away and our lives changed drastically. Within a year, I decided to change the gift shop into a fully fledged quilt store with the help of my partner in crime, my mother. The first quilting store in Botswana! What a challenge that was… For fun stories about quilting in Botswana, please read my blog. I have since returned to the United States and now live in Oregon.



Kalahari Quilts was founded on the realization that there was a need to help the women of Botswana find employment that allowed them to work from home. Not only lifting them from below minimum wage, but allowing them to be at home and raise their kids. With the help of my mother, the teacher, Mrs Case, the kids are all excelling in school and life. Now I am designing quilts and patterns that are still rooted in our African experience.


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  1. Abu Amanullah

    I am trying to reach your mother Sheila Case, I do not have her new email address.
    Please forward her new email address. I have her old Botswana email address.
    I am trying to buy some stamps of Botswana.

  2. |

    Do you have a quilt pattern for the colorful (mostly reds and oranges) lion head? I want to make a quilt of “Bob the Lion” that I saw in the Serengeti and struggle making my own pattern.


    Washington, USA

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