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Alia Kate of Kantara - Brooklyn, New York, USA

Alia Kate of Kantara – Brooklyn, New York, USA








Kantara is a fair trade business specializing in Moroccan rugs and textiles imported directly from women’s weaving cooperatives. I began the business in 2009 after working in Morocco for a year and a half on a project that fought against child labor. While living in Morocco, I met several artisans and immediately fell in love with the carpets, which is the only craft performed solely by women. At the same time, I was shocked at how the artisan’s lack of mobility and access to the business world kept them subjugated to urban middlemen’s pricing whims. I noticed that at the prices offered by these intermediaries the women barely had enough money to pay for their materials, let alone for their time and creativity. At that point, I decided to start Kantara as a means to directly support the artisans while reinvesting  a portion of the proceeds into education and business development initiatives within these very cooperatives. And the rest is history.

-Alia Kate

Mission:  Kantara is the premiere source for fair trade, handwoven Moroccan carpets in the United States. Kantara hand selects each carpet from women’s weaving cooperatives in Morocco. As a result of its relationship with the artisans, Kantara ensures that its products are of the highest quality and with the most captivating designs.

Meaning “bridge” in Arabic, Kantara seeks to establish local and long-lasting relationships by bridging the gap between women artisans in Morocco and socially-conscious communities in the United States.

Rugs and pillows are available for sale on Kantara’s website.

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