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Karen Anne Glick Creative Design Studio

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Karen Anne Glick

Karen Anne Glick





peripatetic lifestyle. eclectic resume. citizen of the world. eternal optimist. artist at heart. it’s who i am. can’t escape it. don’t want to. i like things with lines and raw edges and strings attached. i like broken symmetry and aerial perspective. i like the craziness of lots and lots of color and pattern, and the zen of openness and light. i am, without doubt, a gemini.

a studio on the third floor of our old home is filled with all the tools, materials, and random collections that satisfy this multidisciplinary artist/designer’s heart and lets me do what i do. a mess to be sure, but it makes me happy. and productive. well, most of the time. other times i’m just up there playing.

life is good!



My work explores capturing the essence of a moment; suspending a memory, an idea, or an observation in time and space so that it might be remembered and examined more closely. I make two- and three-dimensional works as a way of preserving moments that are significant to me. They are quiet reminders of the passage of time. I work with a variety of techniques and materials. I draw with thread and perforations as well as with pencil, ink, and paint. I use gloss and matte surfaces, color, embossing, and the raw and torn edges of fabric and paper to define space and form. I use real and implied references to stitching, quilting, weaving, and mending as metaphors for connecting the past with the present.


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    Hi Karen – I love your work and would be interested to see more of it. Do you have a website?
    I live in the north of UK and also mess about with textiles, jewellery, clothes, and have a workshop which, like yours, is full of weird and wonderful bits and pieces collected wherever I go…..the winter is not the most exiting of times here – very grey and cold – but spring is in the air, and your pieces have kick started my creative juices. Thank you! Maggie

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