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Karen Betty Tobias

Karen Betty Tobias
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Karen Betty Tobias - Köln, Germany

Karen Betty Tobias – Köln, Germany





German artist and art therapist Karen Betty Tobias has been a professional working artist and tutor for more than 30 years.


Tobias says: “I believe in nature’s sense of beauty. I am deeply involved in creative thinking related to sustainability and awareness. Impulses for my work evolve from a look on the mystery of life. This might be very personal or general. And is highly inspired by a holistic look on the World. I love in-depth looks into natural phenomena and the mystery of life which gives me impulses for my own work.”


She likes a hands-on approach and loves to touch and feel. Her spiritual thoughts are being transformed through her work and become visible.

Tobias is an eclectic artist who is into drawing, mixed media painting and textile arts, especially felting and stitch. Her works have been shown in exhibitions in Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Dominican Republic, South Korea and USA.


As a tutor she has found her own way to enable her students to look into a space of personal development and opening the door to their creative potential. Tobias believes that the key to art as a personal language is to find out about your individual concern and to follow this path of curiosity.


Raised in a family with frequent moves between countries she kept the love for traveling and intercultural encounter.

Karen Betty Tobias is author of the book “Faszination Komposition” in collaboration with Prof. Beatrice Cron from Alanus University, Alfter.


Mein Name ist Karen Betty Tobias und ich lebe und arbeite in Köln, Deutschland. Ich bin Künstlerin und Kunsttherapeutin. Ich verstehe mich als „Hinschauerin“ im Natur erforschenden, wie im spirituellen Sinne. Mich fasziniert die Kreativität der Evolution, deren Überfluss an Formen, Schönheit, Spiel und Freiheit. So kreist mein künstlerisches Thema um die Begegnung von Mensch und Natur.

Über Amazon erhältlich ist das Buch “Faszination Komposition”, das in Zusammenarbeit mit Beatrice Cron, Professorin der Alanus Hochschule, Alfter entstand.

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    Hi Karen! I am in the South of Germany and looking for other textile artists to meet and be inspired by. I specialize in embroidery and my profile should be up here in the near future (Rachel is moving house :)). Would love to hear from you! Jessica Grimm

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