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Kasia Urban Rybska

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Kasia Urban Rybska

Kasia Urban Rybska


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Needlepoint is an old embroidery technique developed in Europe since the Middle Ages. It involves laborious, patient and precise covering of canvas with stitches. As the entire process is by hand every product is unique.

In 2011 some of my projects were presented in Chelsea Art Museum (NYC) during the exhibition of Model Citizens NYC 2011 and also in Hangzhou, China on the Polish both during the World Leisure Expo 2011.

End of January 2012 – my works were presented on NY International Gift Fair Winter 2012, section: Accent on Design.
May 2012 – I was featured during NY Design Week 2012 at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (the Jacob Javits Center)

October 2012 – my work was presented on Lodz Design Festival 2012, Poland; section ‘The Future is stupid’

December 2012 – At SCOPE Art Show in Miami, there was presenting the Art Takes Miami : 1,001 Artists Project, a digital display of works by artists from all around the world.

And my portfolio has earned the inclusion in this exciting display of art!



In my work I combine the traditional technique of needlepoint with a modern design. I really enjoy the old-style precision of needlepoint enhanced by contemporary, unusual and starling for that technique patterns and colour combinations. I also like the challenge and satisfaction of bringing to life my creations using nothing but a needle, yarn and fabrics – and my hands.

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    I do needlepoint too, do you sell the doll canvas ?

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