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Kathryn Clark worked as an architectural and urban designer for seven years before becoming a full time artist in 2005.

Kathryn’s recent work explores global issues ranging from the US foreclosure crisis to global water usage.  Inspired by the pattern and scale of human manipulation of the natural landscape, her work questions the long range implications this has on our environment, society and economics. Her choice of medium is the everyday object. Using utilitarian tools as a voice, she gives new meaning to functional objects to make a statement about global issues.


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    Dense I may be ..can you explain to me what these pieces of art have to do with refugees ?
    Is it the colors, the forms, the shapes ..what makes them a statement about refugees ..the artist may say it bit this viewer does not

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      Hi, Irene. I don’t know where you pulled refugees from as it is not in her text, but she has a lot more info on her website and blog. Her site is http://www.kathrynclark.com/. I know the first two pieces on this page had to do with urban development.

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