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Kathryn Harmer Fox

Kathryn Harmer Fox

Kathryn Harmer Fox





I am a multi-media artist working predominantly in fibre, paint, paper and clay. I teach a workshop, based on the techniques that I use in my own fibre art called “Using Your Sewing Machine as a Creative Tool”, travelling all over the country to do so. I am married and have two grown-up children who live in Cape Town South Africa -a day’s drive away – just too far for a cuppa.

I also teach a drawing class every Saturday morning from my studio as I am a firm believer that the ability to draw frees you as an artist.



My work is representational rather than abstract and although I have painted landscapes, I consider myself more of a figurative artist. I believe that the ability to draw frees the artist and enables him to create with confidence and a certain lightness of line.


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  1. Patricia Arndt

    Love the work of Katheryn Harmer Fox! Does she have any web classes?

  2. |

    What a beautiful artist. I had a class with her a few years back and hope to go to her class in 2017 in PE at the National Festival of Quilters.

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