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Kathryn Reuschel of Kathryn Marie Designs - Harbor Springs, Michigan, USA

Kathryn Reuschel of Kathryn Marie Designs – Harbor Springs, Michigan, USA


I am a fashion designer turned modern quilter, fabric designer and dyer.  I live in a log cabin in the woods across from Lake Michigan which provides me with daily inspiration from the nature that surrounds me. I also gain inspiration from my extensive travels.


Because my background is fashion design, I create all of my own designs and patterns. I have a love for textures, fabrics and color which has lead me to explore dye techniques with natural and nonorganic dyes.  I love to make each piece of art one of a kind, and my favorite thing in the world is to do commission work.  There is something so beautiful about bringing someone’s dreams into a reality.  I also try and do a few charity quilts every year, they always bring me such joy. I hope to be able to offer classes in the near future as well.


I received my BS in Fashion Design from Philadelphia University and worked in the fashion industry for Charming Shoppes Inc., Anthropologie and Peace Love World.  I started my own business in 2015 and cannot wait to keep growing it and look forward to working on more museum exhibition pieces in the future as well. I am a member of the MQG and have displayed work at the Elliott Museum in Stuart Florida, the Wisconsin Museum for Quilts & Fiber Arts and Three Pines Studio and Gallery.


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    Hello Kathryn,
    Your story is very inspiring and your work resonates with a very personal unique point of view. Those blue sky cloud indigo looking fabrics are stunning! you make me want to go live in a cabin and get a big vat of indigo! Please take care and rest while recovering from surgery. Anesthesia and body changes take time…. I’ve only had surgery once and was surprised how odd the first 4 months were….oh yeah, and I had a strong urge to stay in my pjs as much as possible! I hope all is well.
    Your fan,
    Carolina Re
    A teacher from CT/MA/WI/VA living in South Korea at the moment.

    • |

      Hi Carolina,

      Thank you SO much for your kind words! I cannot wait till I am healed so I can create again!! Maybe one day if you are back in the states you can take one of my classes!

      Your friend,
      Kathryn Marie

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