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Kathy King Jewelry

Kathy King Jewelry
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Kathy King - Cary, North Carolina, USA

Kathy King – Cary, North Carolina, USA





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I create wearable beaded sculpture using my original bead quilling technique that allows me to weave tiny glass beads together to create shapes that are sturdy yet flexible. I have been creating woven beaded jewelry for the last 18 years, selling it for 15 and have taught my original designs nationally for the last 10 years. My book, Bead Quilled Jewelry, came out in 2010, introducing my bead quilling technique. My designs have also been published in BeadWork , Bead & Button, Niche and Giftware News magazines and were included in the book Showcase: 500 Beaded Jewelry, published in 2012.

My lifelong love of math and architecture influences my designs, as I combine my bead quilled shapes with different beaded bead designs to create geometric and architectural shapes seen throughout history. I aim to create beaded pieces that are not recognizable as beads at first glance, challenging the observer to rethink the definition of beadwork. I offer a number of different beading workshops for beginner to advanced beaders and create one-of-a-kind wearable pieces for sale and exhibit.

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  1. Minal

    Unique work!

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