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Katriina Flensburg Art Quilt Studio

Katriina Flensburg Art Quilt Studio
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Katriina Flensburg - Plommonlunden, Storvreta, Sweden

Katriina Flensburg – Plommonlunden, Storvreta, Sweden






Katriina Flensburg is a Swedish Finnish textile artist based in Uppsala, Sweden.  She was early established as one of the Scandinavian pioneers within the field of art quilts. Her work has been presented in invitational and juried exhibitions in Scandinavia, Austria, Holland, France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, USA and Japan and she is featured in books, magazines and catalogues in and outside Europe. She has earned several fellowships and is represented in private and public collections.


Katriina´s basic university degree focused on the field of education and human resource development and she enjoys teaching, lecturing and writing. She has contributed with numerous articles and book reviews in magazines in and outside Sweden. Her teaching covers color and composition and a broad range of textile methods and techniques. She enjoys especially passing on the history of quilting and teaching its ethnic and culture bound expressions. Katriina also runs her own educational business named “Svenska Quiltakademin” (Quilt Academy of Sweden).


When it comes to her creative process she says:


“Modern architecture, especially the Scandinavian functionalism, has always been one of my major sources of inspiration. Also, those very notable seasonal changes of my Scandinavian latitudes have an extremely strong impact on my creative moods and the outcome. When it comes to my personal expression I would like to characterize it as a kind of minimalism with a pinch/touch of monumentality. I enjoy the design part of the creative process most and my working approach is extremely improvisational, often starting from an inviting single color or a piece of material. In my early work I relied mostly on piecing and appliqué combined with a for me somewhat characteristic and exclusive use of modern Scandinavian interior prints. However, I have broadened my palette since and I enjoy experimenting with mixed media and the free expressions and innovative methods within the field of fiber art and textile surface design”.


Katriina is a member of the Swedish Artists´ Union (KRO/KIF), an Uppsala based professional artists´ association (UKK), Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), Surface Design Association (SDA), European Textile Network (ETN) and Association of Nordic Textile Art (NTA).  She was a founding member and the first past time president of the Swedish quilters´ guild and she initiated the “Scandinavia Art Quilt Group” (SAQG), the very first internationally exhibiting group of professional Scandinavian quilt artists.

-Katriina Flensburg, Textile/Fiber Artist


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