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Kelly Darke Fine Art

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I have been working in fibers since 2008, before that I used a lot of textile techniques making jewelry and I focused on oil painting. Now, I am combining elements from each area to new work.

When I work with fiber I feel a positive energy and I try to transfer that into every piece I make so the person who buys the piece can feel that same positive energy in their home or give that positive energy as a gift. Stitching, knitting, weaving… are like meditation and I want to transfer that feeling to others through my art. I have had people say to me, “this looks like it would be very relaxing to make” when looking at a large 30″ square fiber piece covered with dense stitching, so I feel I am making that connection through my art.



Kelly Darke is a professional artist as well as an art therapist. She combines her passion for fine art and art therapy into her current work. She graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts with concentrations in painting and metals in 1996; she graduated WSU again in 2009 with a Masters of Education for art therapy and a K-12 teaching certificate.

Darke works as an art therapist as well as in her home studio. She regularly exhibits in galleries and also collaborates with her brother artist Colin Darke.

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