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Jim Austin of Kimonoboy

Jim Austin of Kimonoboy


Kimonoboy is our company name. We are an online dealer of antique and vintage Japanese folk textiles with a specialty in mid 1800s to early 1900s cotton boro futon covers, peasant & farmer clothing and other early textiles.

My name is Jim Austin. I own the company. I came to Japan 14 years ago to study Japanese for personal interests. Shortly after arriving, I was fortunate to meet a wonderful woman, Akiko, with whom I fell in love with and married. Akiko and I decided to reside in Japan rather than the USA where I am from. My marriage to Akiko and our decision to live in Japan were two of the wisest commitments I have ever made. I’m a very lucky guy.

We wish to provide a web presence where people from anywhere in the world can acquire exceptional Japanese early textiles and Old Cotton Indigo Farmer’s clothing.


on Kimonoboy.
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    I love any Japanese fabrics and old clothing .we spent 21/2 yrs there in early 90s so I’m very interested in old fabrics.

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    Such an interesting and beautiful web site. A pleasure to ponder over!

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