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Kit Vincent

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Kit Vincent - Elizabethtown, Ontario, Canada

Kit Vincent – Elizabethtown, Ontario, Canada




My textiles are the result of what I feel when I cut through machine-stitched lines with my scissors. When piecing cloth, I move back and forth using decisive machine stitched lines similar to dynamic marks made with brush strokes. I see cloth less as fabric and more as an un-primed, un-stretched ground. I try to work rapidly to capture an ephemeral feeling in a tangible form.  I begin without expectations, allowing the fabric and design to surface.  Lately, I have been applying several layers of cloth and cutting back through these layers, leaving evidence of earlier marks as a sense of my progression.

I am influenced by what surrounds me – sometimes it’s just the the sky or the river I live on.  The marks I make on cloth, though serendipitous, reflect these influences.  I hope to express new ideas about the practice of quilting that are linked to its past. I want every process and technique that I use to contribute to this new content.

I make contemporary stitched art. The processes I use are technical and labour intensive but the resulting visual impact is paramount for me. I build up this work using my own fabrics which have been dyed or patterned with a variety of surface design processes.

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