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My name is Klara and I am a full time artist and a mother to two boys.

I grew up living right by the sea and spent my childhood playing with seashells, and gazing at the expansive horizon. The word “Dar” means gift in my language, therefore my shop’s name on Etsy translates to “Klara’s Gift”. I have always been an artist.

I have been a full time artist my whole life. I studied at an applied arts high-school, then received a bachelor degree in textile design, and I have a Masters degree in textile arts as well.

Before joining the Etsy community, I would spend every summer with the family, at Bulgaria’s summer resorts selling my hand painted silk scarves right on the breezy beach front streets. During the colder seasons I would sell my scarves and paintings at boutiques all over the country. But, I could not be in control of how my scarves were presented, marketed or sold, because I had to hand them over to the boutique owners, and say my goodbye to my scarves and the rest was beyond my control. Joining Etsy was just a little something to try out, and what a wonderful opportunity it gave me to be wholly in control of my creativity and how it was being sold, and to have a personal contact with my customers. I have grown and learned a great deal through Etsy. It has empowered my creativity!

Etsy has allowed me to stay home and look after my children, while earning a living by doing art.

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