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Ashley Ammons Wolfe using her spinning wheel.  Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Ashley Ammons Wolfe using her spinning wheel. Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Janie Bull and Ashley Ammons Wolfe have known each other for over 25 years.  Ashley and Janie’s eldest daughter, Amanda, have been best friends for the span of that time as well.  This is how Ashley and Janie are “related.”


When Janie moved up to the Fort Worth area to be closer to her girls, she brought all of her knitting with her, naturally.  This rekindled Ashley’s love of knitting.  Janie and Ashley began their Etsy shop, KnittyKnittyBangBang, during the spring of 2008 and have been going strong ever since.

We both specialize in knitted apparel and accessories.  Janie prides herself in being an expert sock knitter while Ashley likes to crank out the hats and scarves.  Every item is knit by hand with knitting needles.  When they say handmade, they mean it!

Ashley and Janie welcome custom orders and want to see their customers happy with the product they’ve purchased.

Ashley and Janie are typical knitters who love to buy good quality yarn.  Recently, they’ve become fans of spinners and yarn dyers on Etsy.  Ashley has branched off into her own “solo career” as a spinner and yarn dyer herself.  This couldn’t have been possible without a little help from her husband, Erik, who bought her an Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel for Christmas (2010).  She’s been spinning ever since.  You can find her Etsy shop at dye2spin.

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