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Doug, Dena and Julie at the Kreinik table

Doug, Dena and Julie at the Kreinik table at a show.






The Kreinik Manufacturing Company is all about thread. It is a family-owned business that started in Jerry and Estelle Kreinik’s home in early 1970s. Estelle was a needleworker, who basically wanted access to more interesting threads. So they started researching, buying, then making them. Today it is owned by their son, Doug Kreinik.

Kreinik makes a variety of silk and metallic threads for needleworkers, crafters, scrapbookers, quilters, fiber artists, fly fishermen—even fashion houses—to express their creative selves. We pretty much always have thread on the brain. It’s how we look at the world.

Our manufacturing facility & customer service offices are located in the United States in Parkersburg, WV.  We have a staff of creative people that are dedicated to serving you.  Retailers click here for more info.

Over the 30+ years that Kreinik has been in business, the company has proudly fed and nourished the crafts and creative industries. We’ve served on many industry boards, taught hundreds of classes, appeared on numerous television shows, and spun thousands of spools of thread.

Some people call it string, some call it a fiber, we tend to call the thread by braids and ribbons because that’s how they are made. But any way you call them, Kreinik threads are fun embellishments that can be used anywhere to make your life more colorful and expressive. Kreinik continues to deliver on a promised commitment: offer quality, affordable products to inspire your handmade creations.


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  1. dan score

    who sells kreinik thread in new hampshire now? joannes and michaels no longer sells it.im interested in the white 4 braid metallic thread

    • |

      Dan, you should probably ask them through their site. You might be able to order directly from them, too.

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