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Dawn Dodson of LaTouchables

Dawn Dodson of LaTouchables




I am exploring soft sewn body adornment and accessories and bags in my little studio in Southern Germany. The way has been long–from the American Midwest to the Deep South, a University degree in Fine Arts (painting), to travels in North Africa and Mexico, and finally settling in Europe.

One thing has been constant–the daily inspiration I find in nature, mythology, and cultural and historical influences. I am particularly moved by color and texture and the show of ‘hand’, whether it be in a handwoven or handsewn material, or the signs of wear in a previous life, or simply in a ‘happy accident’ of how colors and textures come together to make an irresistible whole.



My deepest desire is to make each piece so that it has a life of it’s own, with an emotional effect.

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    Hi Dawn! I am in the South of Germany as well and looking for other textile artists to meet and be inspired by. I specialize in embroidery and my profile should be up here in the near future (Rachel is moving house :)). Where are you based exactely? Would love to hear from you! Jessica Grimm

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