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Laura Bundesen

Laura Bundesen
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Laura Bundesen of Frisky Furnishings - Huntington, Massachusetts, USA

Laura Bundesen – Huntington, Massachusetts, USA








I create bold and brightly colored compositions inspired by my personal journey with a goal to bring joy and wonder into homes and offices. My signature fiber art embroidered paintings incorporate cotton embroidery thread hand-stitched directly onto artist canvas. Once completed, I stretch the canvas onto stretcher bars and paint around the embroidery, very carefully! This process is incredibly labor intensive with each finished piece becoming truly a labor of love. My subject matter varies from inspirational flower paintings to neuro art brain pieces and abstracts. It is always evolving. I also love to do commission work, creating that very special piece that truly speaks to an individual.


I began exploring fiber art in the form of embroidery and crazy quilting in high school, encouraged by my quilting mother who supplied the first sewing machine along with an encyclopedia of embroidery stitches. Soon, I was embroidering all of my friends’ jean jackets and making myself crazy-quilted clothing. In my 30’s, I began painting and eventually found that I could add it to my embroidered art pieces with terrific results. Most recently, the combination of paint and thread has expanded to include beads and fabric.


In 2012, I moved from the New York area to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts where I have sold my work, focusing on fiber art, upcycled furniture, home goods and accessories. I have developed a signature style focused on the brain which has garnered a great following. I also teach, offering workshops in embroidery, fabric collage and crazy quilting.


I’ve exhibited widely in New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts, and my work can be found in many private collections across the country. I currently serve on the board of the nonprofit Artisans of Western Massachusetts.


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