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Laura Davies Art

Laura Davies Art
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Laura Davies in her earthship - Andalucia, Spain

Laura Davies in her earthship – Andalucia, Spain









A mixed media eco artist living and recording a slowlane life and art in her eco friendly Earthship in southern Spain.  (see the video at the left)

Visit Laura’s web site to see the online exhibition, join the Community Peace Blanket Project and learn more about her experimental techniques.

You can also buy art from her web site shop, international shipping included for TAFA members, use code: ‘TAFAmember’ when placing your order.


Artist Statement


My art is inspired by wild nature and honours the story of women’s traditional work through the use of embroidery, crochet, vintage lace and fabrics. I paint onto upcycled tea bags or fabric then work into these paintings using a variety of techniques utilizing upcycled and natural materials. This work unites traditional fine art with the contemporary movements in eco and textile art.

Highly detailed, it encourages the viewer to slow down and look closely at each piece, bringing tranquility and peace to this fast paced life – slow is the new black.

Passionate about the conservation of wild animals and spaces a percent of sales goes to raise funds for charities with their focus on the preservation of the wild. While creating each piece I also use a creative intending technique to infuse them with a positive intention to preserve and expand wild spaces.


Artist Biography


Formally trained as a graphic designer, Laura enjoyed over 20 years in the profession in the south of England before giving it all up for fine art and Spain in 2002. Since then her eco ideals and design skills have led her and her partner to build their eco friendly Earthship and create a nature reserve around it in the wilds of Andalucia. Her studio is based there and is where, inspired by the wild nature around her, she creates her fine art wall hangings which are as leading edge and eco friendly as her home.

As a teacher of drawing using the Betty Edwards Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain techniques, she was also a participant in the Lynne McTaggart Intention Experiments in 2009. These two disciplines led her to devise the Creative Intending Technique which she writes about in her blog to teach other artists and crafters how to infuse their own pieces with positive intentions. Founder of The Peace Blanket Community Project she asks fellow creatives to try out positive intending for world peace by creating a square for the Peace Blanket in their own style using this Creative Intending Technique.

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