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Lavish Lanna Hmong Bag




Hello, Hola, Bonjour, こんにちは, 你好 and สวัสดีคะ!

Welcome to LavishLanna. My name is Nuk and I love Bags!

I buy vintage handmade tribal fabrics, recycle them with love and passion,creating unique lavish handbags and accessories. I use tribal textiles from Asia such as: Hmong(Miao), Karen, Tai duum, Akhu, Banjara, Kutchi. Styles also include Afghan Suzanis and Indian Kanthas. This diverse beauty makes my shop on Etsy rich with treasures for everyone to discover, sharing in my passion and enthusiasm. We believe in the best quality of service, with a family run friendliness and the best prices on the internet for our unique Tribal Fashion.

We sell only online and our saving on costs are passed on to you, not only this but because we make our own bags we can make custom bags or handle wholesale orders.

We deliver stunning handmade textile tribal bags to countries all over the world in every continent.


I have been buying, selling and making bags for more than 8 years. I believe strongly and passionately in the interesting people that make up the cultures of Chiangmai, along with other hill tribe cultures. Their work is a diminishing art form and I want to be able to provide these luxury fashion items to everyone, so that more people can experience and marvel at their beauty. I don’t believe in exclusive high pricing and exclusive selling. I have achieved 100% feedback on Etsy and our quality of service and product is second to none.

We love hearing from our community!

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