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Leah Higgins

Leah Higgins
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Textile Artist, Leah Higgins - Eccles, Manchester, United Kingdom

Leah Higgins – Eccles, Manchester, United Kingdom






I am a passionate textile artist making abstract art quilts using my own printed and dyed fabrics. I make art for myself, for exhibition and for sale. I have been incredibly fortunate to have had pieces curated into Quilt Nation, Quilt Visions, Fine Art Quilt Masters, SAQA exhibitions and was awarded Best in Show in Quilt-Art-Quilt 2017. I have exhibited in the UK with the group Etcetera and with mixed media artist Helen Conway. I am a member of the international fiber group Cloth in Common.

Although I don’t teach (yet) I love the conversations I have with people around the world via social media. Sharing my inspirations, my process, my highs and my lows is an important part of my art practice.



I have had a life-long love of working with textiles and stitch. The tactile nature of cloth envelopes me; comforts me. I can trace my journey from making clothes to making bed quilts. From using commercially printed fabrics to dyeing and printing my own. From following patterns to developing my own ideas. From hobby to art. From working at my kitchen table to building my beautiful studio. A studio that is my sanctuary; my place to retreat to; my place to clear my mind; my place to create.


I work in series using my inspirations to create series of art quilts where my ideas evolve as I move from one piece to the next. But I always start with colour. My background as a chemist shines through as I carefully blend colours, keeping accurate records so that I can recreate individual colours over, and over again. I am drawn to complex, neutral colours but add flashes of brighter colour to help draw the audience closer to the finished pieces. The application of colour through multiple wet processes fascinates me. I often use a breakdown (sometimes called deconstructive) printing process that creates unpredictable but glorious marks. I strive for abstract, fractured texture. I create a palette of cloth that is then cut and reassembled through piecing or collage to form a new piece of cloth. I finish my work by adding stitch to create another layer of texture and to reference my inspiration.


I live and work in Manchester, UK. The city and surrounding region has a strong industrial heritage and I am continually inspired man-made structures, especially those associated with industry. They shape our landscape. Always there but rarely acknowledged. In my work I seek to explore contemporary, working structures that dominate our landscape with line and shape; abandoned structures slowly decaying and those industrial structures that shaped our past.


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