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Lin Bentley Keeling, Fiber Artist

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Lin Bentley Keeling, Fiber Artist - El Paso, Texas, USA

Lin Bentley Keeling, Fiber Artist – El Paso, Texas, USA




I grew up in Arizona and was aware from a young age of basketry and weaving, particularly the work of Native American artists, and always loved working with fiber in needlework and embroidery. As long as I can remember, I have loved the feel of colored threads in my hands and the immediacy of painting shapes and designs with threads and fibers. Weaving is a joy, a necessity, a passion and a constant experiment for me, with each piece building in some way technically and aesthetically upon the pieces before it as I ask my favorite question, ‘what if?’

During my childhood, I was a serious piano student. Playing the piano and listening to music always filled my mind with beautiful colors dancing and interacting. As a college student, I attempted to write music but discovered that, while music helped me create colors in my mind, the reverse was not true. So, I decided to pursue fiber artistry through embroidered ‘tapestries’, to create objects that reflected the moving colors I saw in my mind. I needed a storage vessel for my needlework materials and made a large coiled basket with a design like the basketry I had seen growing up. When it was finished, my husband said, “that’s great, you should make another”, and my career as a basketry sculptor was born.

My background in music influences my design process as I often think about harmonies between colors, the tonal qualities of particular combinations, the melodies and counterpoint of different design elements working together. For me, the visual arts should impact and move the viewer the way music does, in a deep place below/beyond language. The scale of my work is intentionally intimate to draw my viewers in so that they relate to my work more directly and the tactile nature of works in fiber invites my viewers to move in and touch the work, to experience it with more than their eyes.

I detoured for a while into anthropology, earning a BA from the University of Texas at El Paso and an MA from New Mexico State University, and continued to coil vessels as time permitted. In 2011, I resumed my studio work full-time and began weaving tapestries along with my coiled vessels. My work has been in juried exhibitions across the US and is in several private collections.

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