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Lin Hsin-Chen

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Lin Hsin-Chen

Lin Hsin-Chen




Born and grown up in Taiwan, I am a fiber artist who has been devoting myself to creation, organizing exhibitions and teaching for 20 years. Environmental issues are what I concern most so I put my observation and reflection into my designs. I often lead students or groups to work together on large-sized collective works.

Nature always inspires me, especially the beauty of plants. I love to play with various kinds of cotton prints. Exploring possibilities of combination always brings me new visions.

I enjoy journeys of making quilts. Opening my inner self to a theme can start adventures and reflection. Sewing my thoughts and feelings into fabrics strengthens quilts’ power of conversation.

There is always a story behind my quilt. I cherish every story in front of my quilt- what people think and how they feel. I expect my quilt to be a storybook- a rich text loaded with people’s thoughts and feelings.

*Note: My last name is Lin, and my first name is Hsin-Chen. The address is not my actual address, because my address does not work on Google Map. Please use the email contact form.



Learning experience of fiber art originates deeply from life instinct; it is the creations of integration encompassed a culture of life. I put all my effort into expanding my horizons to achieve the goal for design and make every detail well-connected to one another. To go beyond the limitation, sometimes I have to break the given standards to pursue the ultimate spirit. Needles and threads are like my mentors; they lead me to absorb and mature. My thoughts and feelings are well-expressed in various forms and beyond boundaries through the narrative talents of works. The unlimited inspirations of Nature are my ideas for creation. I love to play with various kinds of fabrics. Exploring possibilities of combination always brings me new visions.


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  1. Lynne Graffin

    Let me begin by saying that your work is stunning . I am a self taught artist, organic and heirloom gardener of vegetables and keeper of happy chickens. Recently I’ve decided to try oil painting and fell in love with your poppies in Provence quilt. Would you mind if I used it as my first oil painting? I do sell some of my paintings so wanted to see if you were okay with mye using your creation as my inspiration . It will not be exactly the same of course. If you wish, I would add your name and the name of your quilt to the back of my painting as the inspiration of the work. Thank you

    • |

      Lynn, contact Hsin-Chen through her website or Facebook page to make sure she connects with you.

  2. |

    Stunning works! What an exceptional woman from Taiwan!

  3. |

    Beautiful work .

  4. |

    Beautiful work. Colors are poetic.

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