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Linda Beach Art Quilts

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Linda Beach

Linda Beach






I create intricate, pieced art quilts inspired by the natural world. Many years of living in Alaska and currently living at 8,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies have given me many inspirational moments as well as the artist residencies I’ve done at Denali, Acadia, Rocky Mountain and Mesa Verde National Parks. I find I get my best ideas for new work while hiking or spending time in the outdoors.

While the piecing technique I use is labor-intensive, I enjoy the design challenges presented by it. I almost exclusively work with commercial fabrics for the variety of prints they offer and love the process of finding just the right pattern to express my ideas.


on Linda Beach Art Quilts.
  1. TEMA

    Hi, I just found your site and am in love with your work, especially the colourful tree trunk and magic stones around it… and the one one with the mountains and the land below them. Your colours are amazing and your designs are spot on… Thank you for sharing your fabulous quilts. They have certainly inspired me.

  2. |

    I love your work Linda–especially the piece I bought at the SAQA auction years ago! Makes me smile to see it in my studio every day.

    • |

      Hi Cindy – just now saw your message for the first time – thank you! You know you have the only piece I ever did for a SAQA auction as working so small is something I find hard to do!

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