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Linda J Mendelson

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Linda J Mendelson

Linda J Mendelson


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I have been expressing myself through the medium of loom knitting for almost four decades. My work is in numerous private collections as well as museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

My coats and cardigans integrate a complex system of color, shape and texture. They often incorporate images or typeface and themes from popular culture, such as song titles, poetic verse and literary passages. My most recognizable garments are pieces based upon geometric progressions of colored squares. My love of New York is represented by several homages. The ever popular “taxi” series of sweaters, scarves and hats can be espied on proud owners all over the city, as soon as the first chill of Autumn is felt in the air.

Over the past three decades my output has become increasingly complex, due to both an evolving artistic sensibility and the technological progress in the loom-knitting field. My connection to modern art movements such as Constructivism and Color Field Painting becomes more apparent with the passage of time.



“I made my song a coat,” William Butler Yeats I am an artist. My medium is fiber. My techniques include knitting, crochet, sewing, felting and whatever else is essential to the creation of a piece. Since 1975 my work, which can be seen on my website, has found its way into museum and private collections, including a coat in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. Many Modern Art “isms” have influenced the content of the pieces – Constructivism, Tonalism, Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, and the list goes on. Color progression and incorporation of words into these garments are hallmarks of my work.

I live as an artist. My living room, with knitting machines, pressing equipment, hundreds of cones of yarn, thousands of buttons (I love buttons), is the “studio”. The kitchen, with measuring equipment and sewing machines is the “cutting and sewing room”. The bedroom with a computer, printer, and photo equipment is the “office”. Books, as inspiration, are everywhere. The entire apartment is “World Headquarters”

From 1975 to 2013 I had the privilege of being represented by Julie: Artisans Gallery on Madison Avenue. Julie Shaffler Dale sold everything I created. The work was there to bee seen, touched and worn. The future has arrived. There is no longer a physical gallery. So, I am now presenting my work in cyberspace. This is an ongoing process.


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  1. |

    Jealous of your gorgeous hair. Mine is gray but no where near as fun.l
    Searching through my knitting books looking for inspiration came across the 1985 article about you in MACKNIT. Brought back so many memories. You and Susanna Lewis were responsible for getting me to buy my first knitting machine – the peg board Superba. Wish I could remember which coat you had me model that day.
    Very bad experience trying to learn that machine – when I went for my lesson , teacher would take out the book and read it. Result never got happy with the Superba, but ended up with Brother 230, 2 – 260s a350, and several Brother standard guages. Oh and 2 motors.
    So you see you got me started, and I thank you. Sold to about 12 stores for nearly 20 years. Tempted to drag out the Superb and see what I can do.

    Just finished an eagle sweater for my grandson – winged the intarsia, but it was such fun want to do more.
    Thanks for the inspiration and so glad you are still creating. Best, Judy Penney

  2. |

    Linda, I acquired a jacket of yours at Julie Gallery many years ago. She sold t to me right off her back! It’s a treasure of mine
    It’s time for me to have it move on to another who will treasure it as I have.
    It’s in perfect condition.
    I paid what for me was a large sum back then.$1800, so I’ve treated it with tender care and maybe worn it about 6 times.
    Any thoughts of yours would be welcome.
    It’s so precious.

  3. Hi Linda!

    I am an old customer from Julies in NYC–wearing your sweaters with great pride and happiness.
    (Being short waisted—your short cardigans are a dream for me).

    Tell me about the red coat—have you ever made it 1/2 red and 1/2 royal blue?
    Have you ever made it with all rainbow colors?
    Do you still make it?

    $$$ >>>???

    Best to you,

    PS — I could never forget you—my favorite cousin shares exactly the same name!

    • |

      Such a nice endorsement! I would contact her directly for questions on commissions. 🙂

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