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As a textile artist I’m passionate about creating using cloth and thread. I’ve been sewing since I was a very small child and one of my earliest memories is standing at my mother’s treadle sewing machine (because I was too short to sit and reach the peddle) mesmerized by the way I could shape and connect fabric pieces together with a needle and thread.

Today I’m still as mesmerized as I was back then, but I also have a deeper understanding of how working creatively with fabric and thread has helped to shape my life and sustain me through the years, on a much deeper level than I could have imagined back when I began. For me, creating, particularly with fabric and thread, is a deeply spiritual and often healing practice. And along the way I’ve discovered that the journey is really what is most important.




I believe that knowledge and inspiration should be shared and I do this through workshops, online classes and tutorials, with the hope that it inspires others to connect with their creative nature which is at the core of everything we do.

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