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Linda A. Miller – Fiber Artist

Linda A. Miller
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Linda Miller

Linda A. Miller



Bhavana Prayer Flag Project

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I came to quilting in the 1990’s with a background in fine arts and textiles. Seeing an exhibit of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) artists opened my mind to the possibilities of the quilt as an art form. Embracing the fiber art medium, I use mixed media in creating quilts and other fiber forms. My work can be found in private and public collections, as well as international exhibitions.

I have an ongoing community prayer flag project based on Tibetan flags. Please visit: Bhavana Project



Whether drawn or stitched, my artwork is a response to beauty seen and felt. Inspired by flowing water, changing earth, and ephemeral light, I translate these elements of nature to fabric with surface design, or in three dimensional forms with thread. Working with cloth is ideal for creating rich texture, lending itself to a myriad of manipulations using paint, water, or heat, often with unexpected results. Discovery feeds my journey. Yoga and meditation practices strengthen my contemplative approach to creativity. Both yoga and art traditions have a variety of useful tools to allow individuals to tap into the best of themselves. I delight in sharing what I have learned by leading creative process workshops, so others may reconnect with their voice.


-Linda Miller

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