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Line Dufour - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Line Dufour – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am a fiber artist and tapestry weaver who is interested in having exhibitions in public and private galleries. I  welcome those who would like to commission a site specific work or purchase existing tapestries. I also create unique one of a kind fibre fashion accessories using a variety of techniques such as weaving, knitting, felting and sewn constructions.  I have a studio and show room. The Guild Shop in Toronto also carries my work.

Artist Statement

To be whole, is described as being healthy, entire; recovered from a wound or injury; restored; free of defect or impairment; mentally and emotionally sound; constituting an undivided unit; constituting a person in their full nature; not having omitted or disregarded anything; a coherent system or organization of parts working together as one; Referenced from Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

I have been exploring emotion  through colour, shape and form with my weaving and fibre related activities and I have been continuously experimenting with various materials within the structure of weaving or inspired by it. My own great need to be creative through fibre and tapestry weaving is a vital part of who I am and what I do.

The two distinct groups of weavings are united in their theme – giving visual expression to the wide range of human emotion and states, and this includes our shadow/dark side as well as our more pleasant emotions. The pleasant emotions, the Well Being series,  are shown as bright and intense colours, simple in their composition and convey the lightness and buoyancy they bring to our spirit, body and energy.  Our darker side/reflective side is represented by the pieces in the Turbulence group, and they incorporate black as the dominant colour, and also a three dimensional technical aspect. This dimension of ourselves is more complex, and full of surprises and things to reveal to us if we are receptive and willing to heed its message.  If we  grapple with our inner uncertainties, fears and uncomfortable emotions in a way that honours them, those emotions and thoughts can be transformed and we can grow and change. This is represented in some of my tapestries that are three dimensional which are also interactive and are able to be hung in different configurations.

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