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Lisa Kerpoe

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Lisa Kerpoe

Lisa Kerpoe


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Lisa Kerpoe is an accomplished artist, instructor and author. She creates paintings on cloth using water-based and mixed media techniques. Her work has been on exhibit throughout the United States and internationally.

Kerpoe left a successful career in human resources fourteen years ago to pursue her passion – creating art. She studied a range of surface design techniques and has worked many hours experimenting with new techniques and perfecting her craft. Although Lisa is primarily self-taught, she has studied with several artists and instructors. Their generosity and encouragement fueled Lisa’s artistic journey. Lisa feels strongly about continuing that circle by sharing what she has learned to support others in their creative journey. To that end, she began teaching surface design workshops ten years ago.

Kerpoe is the author of two instructional books on surface design techniques, Visual Texture on Fabric (C&T Publishing, Spring 2012) and Vibrant Color (co-authored with Jane Dunnewold). She has also self-published two instructional DVDs, Vibrant Color (with Jane Dunnewold) and Irresistible Texture.

Kerpoe facilitates workshops throughout the United States and is an adjunct faculty member at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, Texas. She was juried into the ArtCloth Network in 2008 and is a member of the Fiber Artists of San Antonio and the Surface Design Association.



My work is inspired by the beauty of nature and by my journey toward mindful living. My work is also informed by the importance of meditation and reflection in my life. I often use mandala-like imagery as a way to bring the viewer into the piece and then use many layers of texture and design to complement the central image.

I am drawn to working with textiles for their tactile quality and am entranced by the beauty of cloth gently moving with the air currents. As I work on a piece, the transformation that occurs on the cloth reflects the transformation that occurs within me as I create. The white fabric represents unlimited possibilities. As I build layer upon layer of dye, printing, stitching and beading, the cloth becomes rich with depth and texture, just as each experience I have in life adds depth and texture to my being.

The process by which I create also emphasizes quiet reflection and connection to the wisdom within. Prior to creating a piece, I meditate on what I am trying to achieve. I have a basic intent for each piece, but do not plan every detail. At the beginning of each work session, I focus on my intention. Then as I work, I remain open to intuition and the flow of creativity during the process. Working in this manner gives me a strong sense of joy and inner peace. It is my intent to inspire that feeling in those who view my work.

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    I am a textile junkie, My favorite is bleach resist on denim then over dye. Playing with fabric and dye is the worlds best coping method for me

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