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Lisa Lackey Artist

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Lisa Lackey Artist - Maplewood, New Jersey, USA

Lisa Lackey Artist – Maplewood, New Jersey, USA





I am attracted to moments in everyday contemporary life where the interplay of light, color and texture work together to enhance the feeling of depth and space. It is my personal challenge to make work that recreates that feeling of depth I initially experienced by using fabrics and a myriad of stitching techniques.

In each of my images, I am trying to encapsulate a fleeting moment in Time. A piece of Life. We all know that capturing time is about capturing light; the Impressionists taught us that. But that is only one layer of time. I like to overlay that sense of time with two others: The time something takes for my hands to create it and the historical time that I reference by using traditional women’s sewing and embroidery techniques.
Working from photographs, I create drawings which then become pattern pieces for cutting the fabrics. Much attention is poured into finding and selecting, sometimes even dying, fabrics that when collaged together, bring the work to life. Details are sewn with various hand stitches in a myriad of colors and thread thicknesses.

My work is for sale through my website. If you click on the small-case ‘i’ accompanying each work, information about its size and price are noted. Please use the Contact page on the website to reach me if you have a questions or interest in making a purchase. Prices do not include shipping, but do include framing. I am open to doing commissions, working from your photographs. Feel free to contact me with your idea and we can discuss how to make it happen.

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    Wow! So different and artistic . Love how you’ve taken moments in everyday life and turned them into fascinating art! Amazing effect of light and shadow on the faces but so simplistic too! Love it!

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