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Jenny Marshall - Tasmania, Australia

Jenny Marshall – Tasmania, Australia

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making dolls that celebrate the spirit and innocence of childhood

My dolls begin as an idea, a smile , a piece of cotton fabric and a large handful of soft creamy coloured wool fleece. I am surrounded by memories of my own sweet childhood and those of my children, by vintage children’s books and vintage dolls, by my garden and flowers and music and life. My ‘studio’ is in the heart of my home, it’s also home to bookshelves, the piano and the sunny window seat. It’s a family space.

Each doll is made from the best materials I can find. It is a pleasure for me to work with the natural fibres and craft something that comes from what nature has provided.

From start to finish my dolls are the product of my imagination and my hands. All the knitting and sewing and dreaming I have done in my life, my childhood of reading and doll playing and make believe games in the playhouse at the bottom of the garden and in the bushland around my childhood home, my love of history and sweet old treasures, my own dear children… all these things come together and help me create my dolls.

Many hours of work and dreaming go into each doll. I have to say I am obsessed with them. I would gladly work each day at my table making new dolls. I look forward to each new day when I can go about my bliss, my doll making, here in my home surrounded by the people and things that I love.


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    Do you take orders?
    Love your work.

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      Hi, Julie. I would ask her through her site or Facebook page in case she doesn’t see your question here for a while…

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