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Astrid Heppenhuis of Lodicha

Astrid Heppenhuis of Lodicha, Netherlands


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Hi! Nice to meet you here on TAFA!

Get ready for a special experience while you notice me painting the world with colorful and beautiful recycled materials. I like to swim against the stream, making people turn their heads and letting them think out of the box. Leaving with a smile and feeling inspired, knowing that everything is possible.

I like to paint with my fabrics. Every piece comes together during the process of putting recycled materials together.
Springing from my creative brain, a colorful process of which even I don’t know the result of at the end.

Each garment is a unique pronouncement and flamboyant, designed with care and patience, made of the pure passion for recycling, a passion that started 15 years ago.

Well that’s not true…  When I was younger, I put the scissors in all kinds of stuff, to make T-shirts, dolls etc.
I also made 3D paintings and sculptures.

To put a hold to my divergent brain I started to manufacture clothes under the brand name Lodicha. Visit my shop on Etsy to see what is new there!


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    I´m from CHILE, South America, & I´m delighted with all the things you make, I will like to know if I can buy some of your products online, I´ll wait for your information, thanks, greetings & congratulations to you, Margarita
    Here I embroider pictures

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