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LOR Fiberart

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Lisbet Olin Ranstam of LOR Fiberart - Sweden

Lisbet Olin Ranstam of LOR Fiberart – Sweden






I make textile pictures, rag rugs, cushions, and what-nots. It sometimes amuses me to create completely free pictures and other artworks. At other times I find a challenge in the restrictions imposed by old weaving techniques like twill and double weft.

Making rag rugs from recycled bedsheets has been my main interest these last years. I often take a tour, dropping in on different second-hand shops in the area looking for beautiful left-overs in the shape of old bedsheets. Once at home, I wash them and then start ripping them to pieces. The pattern I use I call “stepping stone” because the squares remind me of stones laid out to enable you to get to the other side of…something or other. To make that pattern, I use double weft.

In between rag rugs I make pictures. Often I start by weaving a background and then I embroider a motif. I am very interested in the old rock carvings of this region and often choose them as a theme in my picture world. Who made them? Why? What do they mean?

But not only old things inspire me. On summer holidays, we drive around Europe and it was often my privilege to read the map ( before the GPS that is) and I found that the intricate lines of freeways around the cities were really interesting too. During the drive, it was not easy to see the beauty of the périphérique intérieur around Paris at rush hour but once I got home to my secure living room couch I could see the beautiful pattern.



I have 5 years of fiberart training from the 1970’s. In the 80’s my 4 children were born. In the 90’s they went to school. Now I have time and room for my work. I have a studio which connects to my home and I show my work at galleries in Sweden and Germany. My ragrugs are sold at “Konsthantverkarna i Ystad”, a boutique down town, and directly from me via my webpage. I also make them on commission. People visit my studio and we discuss colours, patters, length and width. Feel free to contact me with your own commissions!

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