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Lorna Bateman Embroidery at a Show


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I began designing my own kits in 2000, forming Lorna Bateman Embroidery Designs, with the idea of introducing embroidery to beginners and encouraging them to experiment with forms of embroidery other than cross stitch, using a kit as an aid to move onto working and experimenting with their own designs. My various design ranges include my pincushion design collection, silk ribbon embroidery and stumpwork designs, amongst others. I love my pincushions, finding them an easier way to tackle a new idea on a small scale, enabling me to complete it in a relatively short period of time.

I have been teaching for the past 25 years in related fields of 3-dimensional hand embroidery and designing my own kits for the past 12 years. I love working with a variety of different threads, including silk ribbons to achieve a raised and textured effect in my work. I enjoy experimenting with a broad variety of different types of embroidery techniques, including ribbon embroidery, crewelwork, stumpwork, crazy patchwork, painting on fabric, canvas work and appliqué. I am passionate about colour and about nature and often use flowers and landscapes as sources of inspiration. I am currently experimenting with incorporating beads into my actual embroidery stitches, using laces as a design source.

A fully qualified high school teacher, I originated from South Africa, and moved to the UK in 1999, with my 3 boys and have been very much involved here with teaching and designing. The wonderful countryside and the beauty of the changing seasons here in Hampshire are a never ending source of inspiration and joy for me.

I have travelled extensively teaching in South Africa, all over the UK, France and in 2011, I had my first teaching trip to Russia and have been back several times. My work has been published and featured in Stitch magazine, Classic Inspirations, Vogue Pattern magazine, Sewing World and in Russian and Ukranian needlework magazines

I have exhibited my work at various shows all over the UK, by invitation. I am invited regularly to demonstrate and teach at these shows as well.



My goal is to encourage people to try as many different forms of embroidery as possible, using a kit as an aid to move onto working and experimenting with their own designs.  I love working with beginners and reaping the rewards from their enjoyment – see teaching accomplishments above!

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    it is the first time i see your site i do a lot of embroserie i love your s

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