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lotta helleberg

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Lotta Helleberg Stitching

Lotta Helleberg Stitching







Lotta Helleberg is a Swedish born textile artist and designer. Her current work focuses on documenting nature in her immediate surroundings. She uses local plants for fabric dyes and also include them in natural printing techniques such as leaf printing and eco printing. The resulting impressions are incorporated into art quilts, textile collages, artist books, and other objects. Lotta lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, with her husband and two sons.



A slender leaf, a wispy seed head, a fern frond ready to unfurl. The simple beauty of nature is a constant inspiration for my work. Leaves, bark, berries, and flowers provide dyes, paints, and images. The use of linen, wool, silk, vintage cloth, and handmade papers represent another dimension of natural beauty. Add careful stitching, and a slow mindful way of working, to make the story more complete. A story that honors traditional craft, while emphasizing botanical forms, textures, and patterns. A story that celebrates the complexity of the natural world. It is all there, in the layers, shadows, and mild hues of color. Always similar, but never the same.

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