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Louise O’Hara Art

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Louise O'Hara - Northwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Louise O’Hara – Northwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom


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I am a professional mixed media artist working from a small studio in my home based in the heart of Cheshire.  I studied Fashion and Textiles at John Moores University and later I went on to complete a Masters Degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. I lectured in art for twelve years and I finally left teaching in 2012 to pursue my art career full time. You can buy my work direct  through my social media sites or contact me direct.



My work explores the richness of light, the colour and the texture that I see around me. Often focusing on rugged northern landscapes with brooding skies and lighter coastal scenes.  My landscapes are full of rich layers incorporating elements of historical textiles, fabrics, buttons, paper and text giving a sense of human belonging and the passing of ages, giving a quality of timelessness and celebrating the lives of those individuals now passed.

Through my landscapes I aim to capture the weathered surface, so much a part of our landscape, crawling mists, stiff westerly breezes and pale summer sunshine documenting the ever changing seasons though many layers of mixed media.

During my Masters Degree I stumbled across ‘Wabi Sabi’ and the ethos of ‘beauty in imperfection’. This really captures my inspirations and the work which I produce; I am influenced by tactile aged surfaces like peeling paint on walls and fabrics which are threadbare but laden with memories and stories to tell. I like to photograph and record elements of trace, things that indicate a remnant or mark of something previous, maybe something that will evoke a memory in the viewer.


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    Hi Louise,

    Your work is exactly what I often picture in my head but have never had the time, opportunity or confidence to try. Even the subjects of your pieces are favourites of mine, particularly the cottages with gardens & the seaside huts. I don’t know where or how to begin. Can you provide any hints on how to start or what worked for you. Thanks so much for the inspiration:-)


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    Hi Louise

    I really love your work. Can I please ask a question. Do you use paints or thickened dyes on your work? About a year ago I started decorating fabrics using thickened procion dyes, working designs to cover the whole cloth then applying stitch. I am now interested in trying to achieve the same effects with fabric paints. I love your work and wonder if you use fabric paints and if you have an opinion on which is the best one. Many thanks. Dianne

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      Hi Dianne

      Thank you for your lovely comment… in answer to your question I use dyes, acrylic paints and acrylic inks, I don’t use fabric paints as such. The best inks I have found are by Liquitex. I hope this helps. Lou

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