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Louise Schiele Self-Portrait

Louise Schiele Self-Portrait


I was raised in a small town in Northern California where I was fortunate enough to have been given sewing lessons at an early age and from that I have sewn in many different forms for many years. My three sisters and I were known as “Hand Maids” in the 60/70’s and we traveled from outdoor fairs selling hand made garments, quilts and misc. other craft type items. In the late 70’s we owned Legacy Quilts in Sacramento, Ca. and then we all had to go to work in Corporate America to make a living for our families.

I am retired from FEDEX after working as a Property Manager for many years, but now that I am retired, I can devote any free time to my true love, fiber and color. Besides my own work, I manage a group of California based fiber artists who exhibit all over the US and I am a member of the Artists’ Collaborative Gallery, a coop in the heart of Old Sacramento, California. My goals are to create until I can no longer see or cut with scissors or until I drop, because there is no way I can exist without what gives me so much pleasure….being creative.



At this stage in my life, the process seems to be what is important along with the end product. Planning, organizing, creating…that is what keeps me going full steam on each project. At times I work on up to six projects at one time so I can keep the energy up and the creative side at its peak. Having resources at my fingertips is important as well as organizations, networking and social contact. We works in solitude most of the time, so the networking and social connections is important to round out the whole of my person.


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    Hello ma’am, my name is Amy and I’m a senior art student currently attending college Iowa, and this is what I’m doing for my senior thesis! (Though without most of your wonderful embroidery and quilting) and I was wondering what your printing process is? I’m just using an older inkjet printer with freezer paper, but it’s been giving me some headaches. I’m using old family photos and am attempting to combining it with a quilting technique called Japanese meshwork. I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

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    Hi Louise, I like your work and wanna tell you that we live in a small world. I lived in NOLA for over 20 years and moved to MI few years ago; I was looking the net and saw your piece inspired by scene in the park: Jazz musicians, it happened I know those people:))) so that’s all, I was glad you made art with their faces and I really appreciate your work…thank you! cheers

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