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I am a fiber and mixed media artist working out of my studio in Austin, Texas. I create fiber wall hangings that employ dyeing, printing, deconstructive screen-printing, painting and embellishment.

My work is contemporary, and I have worked in the fiber arts for over 10 years. I would be considered an outsider artist, and I explore not only fiber but paint images on canvas, board and paper using acrylics and fabric paints. I create 3-D sculptural pieces using dyed fiber, and I teach workshops in dyeing and Shibori. Visit my website for portfolios on my work, along with fabric and other art that I have for sale there.

I studied with a master Shibori artist in Japan and use a variety of techniques and authentic Japanese tools.

I am a member of the Shibori World Network, SDA (Surface Design Association, FAMM (Fiber Arts/Mixed Media) and juried into the TAFA List (Textile and Fiber Art List) and completed a 2 year Master Art Cloth program with Jane Dunnewold. My website lists past exhibits and upcoming shows.

Artist Statement

Symbology is the study of past and present symbols that have become ingrained into our being. Symbols signify our existence and our connections with the world around us illustrating feelings such as, “I have been here,” ” I believe this,” and “I am like others.” They mark the road maps of my work, both in their presentation and in their interpretation by the viewer. Symbols determine the colors and mediums I incorporate into each piece. Building layers of rich color, through mediums such as dyeing, fiber manipulation, printing, and/or mark-making, I embark on a journey where I develop my own personal symbology. My vision is to give voice to our stories and experiences through the tactile medium of fiber and paper.

-Lynne Brotman Fiber Art

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