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Madrigal Embroidery

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Carla Madrigal

Carla Madrigal


Utilizing a variety of mediums I have been creating art since I was a small child. Lacking for funds and space my endeavors have been quiet meditative journeys into color and shape. Hand embroidery offers a world of possibilities for me to explore and to bring my visions to fruition.

I hand embroider colorful designs on vintage and non-vintage ties and other fabrics, transforming an ordinary ubiquitous accessory into a spirited piece of wearable art. I also create non-representational works suitable for framing. I interpret in my own threaded language the urban realm of power poles, overhead trolley lines, and heavy equipment, as well as the motifs of the natural world and my imagination. My joy comes from exploring color and patterns and texture and like traveling, I am never quite sure what is around the corner or what the finished piece will be. I am drawn to textiles and quiet, meditative endeavors to satisfy my creative energies.

I sell my work through my Etsy Shop, Madrigal Embroidery.


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    Je reste admirative et j’entends nos cœurs battre.

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      Translation: I remain appreciative and I hear our hearts beat.

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