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Maiwa Handprints

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Maiwa Handprints Ltd. supports traditional craft through an ethical business model. Working mainly with India, but also with several other areas, Maiwa is involved in the trade of embroidered, blockprinted, handwoven, and naturally dyed textiles. A large portion of our success is due to the dedicated team of staff who ensures that the purchasing public knows about the cultures, the co-operatives, and the lives of the artisans.



Maiwa encourages the highest quality from craftspeople, knowing that the rare beauty of a skillfully produced piece will command higher prices in the open market. Higher quality gives the artisan a measure of trade protection as the work cannot be cheaply copied. Fair compensation for such work elevates the craftsperson from the realm of unskilled labourer to that of artisan. This philosophy has led to Maiwa’s actively promoting exceptional artisans on the world stage. In addition to exhibitions, symposia, and podcasts, Maiwa has undertaken an ambitious program of documentary video production.

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