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Marble T Design

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Dean and Linda Moran of Marble T Design

Dean and Linda Moran of Marble T Design


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Fascinated by the whims and mysteries of nature, Dean and Linda Moran incorporate dimensional form as they explore the marriage of marbling and fabric in their Marble T Design business, using centuries-old methods that are also environmentally safe. They have created a personal art form using traditional marbling designs, as well as contemporary variations to enhance their creative spirits.

They are expanding into paper and digital marbling, taking advantage of ancient art and modern technology. It all started because Linda wanted some marbled fabric for a quilt, and since then (for nearly 20 years) they have marbled all types of fabrics: linen, cotton, silk, velveteen, denim…their motto is “no fabric is safe from the marbling tray.”



To create exceptional hand-marbled fabrics for wearable, craft, fiber, and quilting use; * To take traditional marbled patterns and make them more contemporary for design; * To create interesting digital designs based on the hand-marbled fabric; and * To continue to enter art shows to demonstrate art created with hand-marbled fabric.

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