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Mardell Rampton – Textile Painting

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Mardell Rampton - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Mardell Rampton – Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada






From a young age, colour and texture have captivated me.  As a teen, I learned to sew my own garments, and later on, I sewed for my children, and my home.  After high school, I obtained a degree in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, and have enjoyed a long career in the telecommunications industry as a software engineer. In the late 1980s I took a beginner’s traditional quilt making class and I was hooked.  It was like being able to paint, but with fabric, which was even better!  I didn’t last long in the traditional stream of quilting, moving into making original artworks based in the tradition of quilting, as well as pursuing textile dyeing, painting, and other surface design techniques.


Several years ago I began to develop my artistic voice, and currently most of my artwork is created within my various series’ whose themes include Connections, Balance, Beaches, Architecture and Musings. In 2015, wanting to become part of the art community, I began working out of a shared studio space with a diverse group of artists and artisans at 100 Braid Street Studios in New Westminster, Canada.


My current focus is on sharing my work in the world through a variety of means including gallery shows, open studio events, community art events, and online via various social media streams, as well as my website. My goal is for people to feel a connection to my work as they enjoy it within the comfort of their own home.

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