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Maria Billings

Maria Billings
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Maria Billings - Oregon House, CA

Maria Billings – Oregon House, CA and part time in Italy


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Hello, I’m a Fine Artist, specializing in art quilts (hand-painted and stitched textile images for your home and office); also working as public artist in mixed media. My bi-cultural roots (Europe, USA) have a direct impact on my art work. My own curiosity and respect for nature and humans are my sources of inspiration. I love traveling and continuous learning to improve my artwork.  And I love commissions. – Why? Because they always enlarge my horizon. I love the challenge to find the right expression of what enhances somebody else’s life: an individual, a family, a community, or a large organization.



  • 1981: B.A. degree (“Textilgestaltung”) from the University in Cologne, Germany
  • Works are in private and public collections around the world, international exhibitions, and multiple publications
  • Public art, installed in California

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