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Marion Coleman Textiles and Mixed Media

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Marion Coleman

Marion Coleman – Castro Valley, California, USA





As a textile and mixed media artist I enjoy making public art, teaching and working on community projects.  I am particularly interested in creating work addressing themes about women, aging, memory,  history and other social themes.    Much of my work is representational but I also enjoy working with bold colors and ethnic fabrics.


Artist’s Statement

For over thirty years I  worked in youth and family services and during the last two decades I have combined this experience with fiber, stitching and color to create work that explores color, memory, social change and community.
As a youngster I was taught to sew and crochet by my grandmother. That learning was the beginning of my art making which has now led to designing and fabricating contemporary quilts and mixed media art. I continue to use a variety of fibers, threads, paper, paint and found objects to present ideas that interest me. My work is both color and concept driven. I combine established strip piecing techniques associated with African American quilts but may include extensive stitching, slashing, burning, paper, paint, plastic, beads, buttons, recycled materials or just about anything that strikes my fancy. I continue to add to my collection of old photos as I explore memory, history and culture. In addition to the early influences of the women quilters in my family I have also been drawn to the work of numerous  artist/story quilters.

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