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Mariposa Handwovens

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Vicki Hedrick of Mariposa Handwovens

Vicki Hedrick of Mariposa Handwovens


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A visit to a new friend’s home, a loom in her living room, a weaving in progress on the loom – this was for me! What sewing, knitting, crocheting, and embroidery couldn’t do – weaving did. For more than 30 years, weaving has kept me designing and making fabric one thread at a time. It has kept me exploring the ways that yarns, their textures and colors, can be intertwined and how the weave structure I choose effects the final fabric. After all this time, I still am thrilled about the fact that I can design and create a piece of cloth to my own specifications and for whatever purpose I designate.

Color and texture excite me and I love cloth with character that feels good. The world around me provides much of that color and texture inspiration and suggests so many combinations and explorations. Translating those combinations into cloth is sheer fun! I can produce texture by using novelty yarns with bumps and slubs and loops built in during spinning. But I can also create texture by the weave structures with which I work. So many possibilities, so many combinations, so many variations! Who knew creating cloth to my own specifications could be a lifelong exploration?



My mission simply is to weave the best quality fabric that I can, to continue building my skills and to produce both beautiful and functional scarves and shawls that are a delight to wear.

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    Vickie’s work is just beautiful! I love her use of color and texture. Inspirational!

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