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Marlis Egger Textile Art

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Marlis Egger

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I’m a full time fiber artist, textile designer and retreat organizer based in the Italian part of Switzerland.

The retreats, TexArtAcademy, bring in students from around the world: textile artists, patchworkers, quilters and all those who love to experiment with textiles and new materials. Tutors are internationally known textile artists. The workshops take place in Ticino, the sunshine state in southern Switzerland.



My work, as Marlis Egger Textile Art, explores and documents the joy of playing with fibers. I choose to work as an abstract artist because I have always been intrigued by pattern and color. I use different techniques to dye, paint and print my own fabrics made from natural fibers. They are the starting point for my textile images. I am most inspired by people I meet and places I visit.


My camera is my companion. I take photographs for further reference, but also alter them digitally and print them on fabric. I am open to new techniques and materials, but the point of departure for these experiments will always be fabric: the tactile attraction and the enormous quality of fabric, the suitability to manipulation, the quality of raw edges and hanging threads, the way painted and dyed fabric changes character, the flexibility to surface design. These qualities continue to challenge and to inspire me.

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