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Fiona Gill of Marmalade Rose - Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Fiona Gill of Marmalade Rose – Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom


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My name is Fiona Gill and I am self-taught textile artist working predominately with wool fibres under the name MarmaladeRose. I adore all textiles but especially the versatility that felted wool brings. With exactly the same fibres I can create a handbag, brooch or a piece of wall art.

I like to think I create pieces that make people smile. I try to live life through rose-tinted glasses and my work reflects this, often whimsical and wishful, cheerful and happy. I believe a piece of art should squeeze your heart and raise a smile.

Working from home in beautiful Wensleydale, North Yorkshire I am surrounded by hills and sheep. Here I have an attic room full of fabric and threads, my knitting bag resides on the sofa in the lounge and the kitchen doubles up as a fibre studio for my felt work. I share life with ‘Wonderful Man’ who is my head of logistics, two very supportive children well trained in shifting wet wool and felting it, one very sneaky dog well versed in dodging soap suds and a handful of hens adverse to laying eggs.


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    Hi absolutely love your work particularly the hare at the top. I have quite a collection of hare related art. Is it for sale and if yes how much would it be and do you post. Thank Linda

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      Linda, do contact Fiona through her website or Facebook page to make sure she sees your inquiry. Thank you!

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    Hi Marmalade Rose

    I am so inspired by your work. I first saw your work in a little shop in the Lake distrist, maybe keswick and decided to do one of my own once back home in Australia. Anyway long story but i found a lady to teach me and have just finished my first piece. Thanks for sharing your amazing work. I love the colours you use and ideas and, how you bring the flowers and animals to life. Thank you for the inspiration and your beautiful works. Take care Cheryl Rose.

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    Je viens de vous découvrir, vos petits animaux sont merveilleux, merci, merci ! je reviendrai voir vos créations ! Je suis heureuse de les découvrir un 24 décembre !

    • Fiona

      Thank you Sherry 😉

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