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Martha Wolfe - Davis, California, USA

Martha Wolfe – Davis, California, USA


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I was born in New England in the 1950’s and, like many of my peers, my earliest adventures with needle and thread were creating doll clothes.  As a young adult, I studied printmaking at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and created soft sculptures and my first ”art quilts” in the 70’s.  Following many years pre-empted by family and an academic career in marine science, I’ve returned to my artistic pursuits with clarity and commitment.

Today, my artwork often originates from photographs, and is a synthesis of what I see and feel….sometimes literal, sometimes abstract. I’m fascinated by architectural elements, the untold histories in antique photos, and transitions in color, shadow and light.


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    Way to go, Martha! Your work is always spectacular.

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    Enjoying my April/May 2017 issue of Quilting Arts magazine, I was blown away by the “Constants & Variables” article. Savoring each piece and interested in the world cities the artists were from, I was delighted to see you are from Davis, where I have lived for 15 years. I have been a traditional quilter for 24 years but have lately grown tired of the same ol’, same ol’ and have ventured into portrait and photo pieces. Working at The Pincushion for 5 years (before it closed), is was amazing to me how many art quilters there were in Davis and how separate they are from traditional quilters. I plan to change that for myself through inspiration such as your beautiful work.

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      Hi Diane, Thanks for your note and kind praise. Viewpoints 9 has been an exciting adventure for all of the members and truly an opportunity to communicate through our art! Davis is a great community for artists, and there are a lot of wonderful fiber artists in Davis and the surrounding area. A lot of us have connected through SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) that has quarterly meetings in the area and draws artists from Santa Cruz to Reno! I hope to cross paths with you. Best, Martha

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    Beautiful work! I had not idea you quilted. How is Harry, or Henry when I knew him in second grade. Tell him hi for me!

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    Good Morning! Martha

    I am in love with your bike wall hanging. My son Henry Forii is not only bike crazy but makes and designed bikes for the Detroit Bike Company. My son is also a captain for the Slow Roll Detroit group. Biking is reLly big in the area and I want to do some wall hangings with bikes I’ drew a bike with out and idea on where to go from here. I will pay for instructions or suggestions. Please review my sons story with Detroit bikes on Made in America Finanalistb 2014 Mather Stewart Made in America Web site. Thank you in advance! Barb Ford

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