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In 2009, Yvonne and Ren met on the sandy beaches of Mexico and in the course of their friendship and travels together, built an idea around their shared values and passions. A few sourcing trips, conversations, cross-country adventures and serendipitous connections later, this idea came to life in Matter: a socially motivated business inspired by the type of travel they loved. Story driven, community based, built on direct relationships and a commitment to respecting provenance.


We love products with story and soul. We believe that imperfection is beauty and that a better world is one where everyone is free to choose how to be, whether that’s about where they work or what they wear.

Our mission is to inspire consumers to value provenance – to ask of the where and why something is made, and champion alternative production models for textile artisans to expand their economic opportunities.


We truly believe that for rural craft to thrive, we need to build a network that creates access to market, providing products that through good design, stand on their own two feet. Working with a hybrid supply chain model, our artisan members develop unique, heritage-based fabrics that form the limited edition raw material for our pants collections; the garments are produced and finished by a fair factory that has expertise in garment construction and holds fast to international compliance standards.

Our bigger dream is to mainstream textile artisanship, connecting artisans and designers to become a collective that showcases the results of those collaborations.



Each of our supply chain partners are chosen through a set of criteria emphasizing product integrity, community integration, and good business practice. We visit each partner personally and focus on building long-term relationships for better market access.  Matter is based in Singapore with staff and partners in other countries.


We love hearing from our community!

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