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MayaMam Weavers

MayaMam Weavers
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MayaMam Weavers of Guatemala

MayaMam Weavers





We are a group of Maya Mam women from the town of Cajolá in Guatemala. For us Maya, weaving has been a way for thousands of years to express our identity, our love of beauty and to relay the wisdom of our ancestors. Our ancestors left an extraordinary legacy to us and to all of humanity — a vision of the universe that allows us to know our place in that universe and that guides our lives in harmony with every other person’s purpose in life so that we all develop to our full potential.

Our group began when several of us came together to talk about common problems. We identified lack of income as our major need, and began to learn to weave (on a foot loom – many of us already weave on our traditional backstrap loom) and to sew on pedal sewing machines. Our goal is to create products inspired by our traditions — weaving our ancient wisdom into our textiles, but now designed to share with the people of the U.S.



Inspired by our traditional weaving and cosmovision, we are creating products designed for the U.S. market. Our contact in the US is Caryn Maxim who lives in New Jersey and visits us monthly.




Somos un grupo de mujeres de Maya Mam del pueblo Cajolá que está ubicado en el oeste de Guatemala. Para nosotros, tejer ha sido una manera de expresar nuestra identidad y el amor de la belleza y, también, transmitir la sabiduría de nuestros antepasados. Nuestros antepasados nos dejaron un legado extraordinario- una visión del universo que nos permite saber nuestro lugar en el mundo y que nos guía las vidas en armonía con propósitos de cada persona en la vida para que nos transformemos en todo nuestra potencial.



Decidimos trabajar juntos para que podamos mejorar nuestras vidas y las vidas de nuestros niños. Una falta de renta es un gran problema en nuestra comunidad- casi 40% de los habitantes han emigrado a los E.E.U.U. Creamos y vendemos productos tejidos durables y hermosos para hombres, mujeres y el hogar y este nos deja ganar una renta que crea una futura mejorada para nuestras familias.



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    I would love to purchase some items from you. Please send a catalog or website for ordering

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